To Request a Quote, please send an email to McPherson Plastics at     Any CAD files that you might provide should be in 3D IGES format.  The files should also be compressed (zipped) and sent to The attached email file should be no larger that 4Mb.  If it is, please contact us to make other file transfer arrangements.

Please include the following information in your email request.

Customer Name;
Buyer Name;
City, State, Zip;

RFQ #:
Quote Due Date;

Tool Status: New -or- Existing;
Tool Type:   Production -or- Prototype;
Number of Cavities;
Tool Options: (ie: Treat as family mold, Include hot manifold, Possible surface treatment, Requires part texturing)

Part Number;
Part Name;
Rev. Level;

Part Weight and/or Volume;
Cycle Rate/Time;

Estimated Annual Volume;
Plastic Type/Grade;
Color (Code);
Regrind % Allowed;
Special Packaging requirements;

...and any Additional Comments.




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