The core business is injection molding of engineering thermoplastics with 25 molding machines ranging from 75 ton - 3 oz. shot, to 400 ton - 48 oz. shot. This range of capacity covers all small to medium size product requirements. Assembly processes are conducted at the molding machine whenever possible to maximize efficiency, accuracy, and economy.  Secondary operations away from the molding machine are conducted in a separate production area.  The secondary operations currently conducted include manual assembly, semi-automatic assembly, automatic assembly, ultra-sonic welding, ultra-sonic inserting, and pad printing.

We can optimize your concept or final design for manufacturability in both our production environment and yours. Communization of parts, reduction of pieces, reduced part weights, and design enhancements for optimum physical performance are routinely explored and realized.

Computer Aided Design is used for product development and design enhancement suggestions.  Solid modeling is employed via Unigraphic’s Solid Edge program. Translation capabilities include IGES, STEP, DWG, DXF, ACIS, Parasolid, XGL, XML, EMS, and STL files.  Native PRO/E files can be imported also.

Assistance with resin selections, assembly methods, and alternative manufacturing techniques is also offered. In most instances, such choices provide substantial returns in quality improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency gains.

Full tooling services are provided by McPherson Plastics. While our product lines range from a few hundred pieces per year to several million, our commitment to excellence in tool build assures a consistent and reliable product. Long term manufacturing experience is used in the tooling phase to eliminate problems and to address such issues as tool wear, potential engineering changes, etc. This allows your project to stay on schedule while achieving it's performance goals.

Full tool maintenance and repair facilities exist in-house, providing for timely and accurate routine maintenance along with quick repair turnaround. Minor engineering changes are also performed in our tool room.

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